Hemming and Hawing…

I sat here all night debating on what my first entry should be.  I think I scared myself into thinking that this was going to make or break this blog, when really it’s JUST the first entry.  And then it came to me…I should write about the biggest fashion faux-pas that I had seen all week or actually in months.  And, for the record, Cobblestone Couture is not about pointing out the horrendous fashion mishaps out there, but sometimes you just can’t help but comment.

So, I was out having a lovely lunch at Cuba Cuba in the Fan.  I saw this cute girl walk in and she was about my age and my height.  I could only see her from the waist up at this point and she had a suitable looking white button down with a sweater over top…very work-appropriate.  As she went to her seat and I looked down, I gasped.  Her trousers were rolled THREE times over her heels, as if that is supposed to be some substitute for getting her pants hemmed!  To be clear, she had a decent pair of wool pants on from Banana Republic or J. Crew.  I’m sure they cost her upwards of $80 and you tell me she couldn’t splurge the extra $10 to have them hemmed?!  This baffles me.  So, I thought it was important to share this fundamental concept.  Ladies (and gentlemen), having a good tailor is like a good mechanic…you can’t go through life without one.

If you think it’s too expensive to get your clothes altered, think again.  Here are some simple guidelines to go by, courtesy of Real Simple magazine:

  • Shorten sleeves on a dress shirt: $19.
  • Shorten sleeves on a jacket: $23 (without buttons) to $28 (with buttons).
  • Take in the body of a jacket: $40 (two seams) to $52 (three seams).
  • Take in a dress shirt: $20.
  • Adjust the shoulders of a jacket: $35.
  • Hem a skirt or a dress: $14.50.
  • Hem a pair of jeans or pants: $10.
  • Take in a sheath dress: $45.

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