Labels to Love: Nation Ltd.

There is a new tee in town and Pink is the place to get it!

Jen Menchaca had the dream of most little girls…to move to NYC and become a famous fashion designer.  Well, we all know things don’t actually work like that, now do they?  Instead, she opted for bartending and managed to work her way up in the television business on the production team of Ally McBeal.  She had always coveted her father’s soft and comfy t-shirts (don’t we all) and that led her to eventually develop Nation Ltd. 9 years later.  Jen was able to craft the perfect vintage white v-neck for women.  And, as someone long ago hooked on this brand, I must admit they are the softest tees around.

Thanks to Deborah and the girls at Pink for bringing them to RVA!

For more on Jen and Nation Ltd.


One thought on “Labels to Love: Nation Ltd.

  1. Courtney, wow, thanks for the press! And thank you again for suggesting this designer. I am so open to that so anytime you see a line you like, feel free to mention it. I’m pretty good at sourcing new designers and love that part of the job but there’s so much out there, it’s easy to miss something special.

    Love your blog and hope to see you soon.


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