Purple Reign

RVA is just a hop, skip and a jump down I-95 from good ole DC where are all eyes were on President Obama as he gave the State of the Union address last evening.  However, our eyes were on just how gorgeous Mrs. O looked.  That purple was smashing on her and is another leading trend this season.  Check out all the highlights from the SOTU from our friends at www.mrs-o.org .

Pretty in Plum

First Lady Mrs. O is wearing a gorgeous wintery plum ensemble by Isaac Mizrahi for the president’s State of the Union address this evening. What a fantastic moment for the great American designer, and the perfect style note for the State of the Union. In the course of his address, the president referenced two initiatives that Mrs. O will lead this year: the fight against childhood obesity and a new program to support military families (the latter co-led with Jill Biden). It’s an inspiration to see such an example of style and substance in our first lady.

Purple was certainly the color of the evening, also reflected in Vice President Joe Biden’s choice of tie and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s lavender suit. Several of you have observed that purple is the coming together of red and blue. One can’t help but wonder if indeed the choice of purple was a deliberate effort to symbolize political unity and bipartisanship. Are we reading too far into the clothes? Or might this be another occasion that Mrs. O and company have used fashion to convey a powerful message?

Update: You must watch Isaac Mizrahi’s video blog about his reaction to seeing the first lady in his design last evening. Love this!


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