What to Buy the Well Dressed Man for Valentine’s Day

Here at Cobblestone Couture we thought we would give our readers a little help this Valentine’s Day with a two-part series on what to get the well dressed man and the fashionista who has everything.  We enlisted the help of our friend Paul Trible, owner of Ledbury, to come up with some great gift ideas of what to get your man.  Here’s what he recommended:

1. Ledbury Shirt:  Not bias at all, but it’s the best fitting, highest quality shirt money can buy and giving it as a gift is a true sign of love and devotion…and it’s local.

Check out the lowered second button.  Will need to get him to lose the white t-shirt underneath, but the lowered button creates the perfect V at the neckline.  Suggestion: the Purple Micro Check in the casual line for spring.  Available at www.ledbury.com

2. R.M. Williams Boots:  The Chelsea Boot is the most versatile boot I have found.  Available online.

3. Vintage Watch: I suggest something from the 60s (personally I like Omega) with a black face and a black leather band.  Simple, can be worn in any setting.  Pass it down to your kids.  

4.  Hermes Tie:  Simply the best tie makers in the world.  Available at www.hermes.com

5. Macpac Jacket: Best all-weather outdoor clothing I have found.  New Zealand company, so shipping is painful, but well worth it.

6.  Barbour Jacket:  Diversify a little and go outside the standard VA wax jacket.  I prefer their quilted line in black.  Available online or at Thistle’s on Libbie and Grove if you want to buy local.

Side note, there’s not much better than a good-looking woman in a traditional green wax Barbour jacket.  Just a thought.

7.   Ray-Ban, Wayfarer Glasses: Classics.  Available at Sunglass Hut.

8.   Leather Carry All:  Can get pricey, but you can also get something nice for around $200.  For example, this one by Fossil.

A guy rarely needs to check in, but a roller is not as convenient as it looks.  Leather Brown Carry All.  He will use it more than anything else you give him.
9.  Mont Blanc Pen, (Standard Black and Gold):  There comes a point in life where everyman should carry around a pen.  When you pull this out it makes you look like you know what you are doing, regardless of reality.  Available at www.montblanc.com

10. Beretta over under:  Living in Virginia, the occasional hunt is inevitable.  Be prepared.  Available at your local Beretta dealer.


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