Look For Less: The Mid-City Tote

The fold over mid-city tote has been all the rage this past year, we even picked one up ourselves.  It’s extremely urban looking and versatile all in one.  Also, the option for a short or long strap was a major plus.  We’ve seen the same bag out for spring in lighter colors, so it looks as if it is here to stay.  At Cobblestone Couture, we don’t condone buying knock-offs, but we totally understand when you can’t drop the big bucks on the original.  So, we thought we’d go on the hunt for some cheaper options for you.  Here is what we found…

For the “Windsor Farms socialite”: The original Mid-City Tote by Foley & Corinna is to die for.  The leather is so soft you could use it as a pillow.  This purse will set you back about $445 and is available at Pink in Carytown.

For the “I have my first job and live with 3 other girls in the Fan”: This Pietro Alessandro Convertible Matte Leather Handbag is quite similar to the one above, but it’s missing the long strap.  Not a huge deal…I rarely use the long strap.  This is 100% leather, I checked it out myself, just not the same quality as the Foley & Corinna.  It will set you back $128 and is available at South Moon Under at Short Pump Town Center.

For the “Starving VCU Student”: The Perfect is similar to the Pietro Alessandro above with just a few more silver studs for flash.  It too is missing the second long strap that the original Foley & Corinna is made with and is 100% synthetic.  But, the price is right with this one.  Only $39 and available at your local Aldo Shoes.


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