Do It Yourself Luxury, Fendi

By GrittyPrettyBlog

We LOVED the do-it-yourself Fendi Baguette kit that the luxury brand released back in 2008.  The kit came with 10 pantone colored markers and a bare white Fendi bag so you can create your own design. Sadly, we can’t draw so we passed.  Fendi’s second do-it-yourself release, the Baguette Mezzo Punto is perfect for those who can’t sketch.  This kit includes a canvas baguette , embroidery needles,  thread,  and best of all, how-to charts to help you stitch the famous logo. The kit has a hefty price tag, $995 but that is a small price to pay in order to “collorabate” on a project with Fendi. The Baguette Mezzo Punto will be available at Fendi boutiques by March 1st, 2010.


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