W by Worth Spring 2010 Collection

Women in the South have been hosting in home parties for years now.  Maybe it’s our upbringing to entertain or just an excuse to pull out the china and silver, i don’t know?  First it was tupperware, now it’s high end fashion and jewelry.  More and more, women in Richmond are turning to in home fashion sales to buy their clothing.  One of our favorites is W by Worth, the contemporary line by Worthwear.  Cobblestone Couture decided to catch up with Tucker Bayliss, W’s Richmond representative and ask her a few questions.

CC:  Tucker, when and how did you become a W by Worth representative?

TB:  I started with the company in May of 2009.  I had heard of the Collection line but didn’t know much about W.  I ended up hearing about the position from a friend and after speaking with a recruiting agent about the line I really fell in love with the clothes and the idea of selling clothes from home shows.  I’ve always wanted to own my own store and work in fashion, so this has given me that opportunity.  

CC:  What’s the background on the Worthwear company?

TB:  Worth was founded in 1991, it is a multi-million dollar direct sales and marketing company of custom-designed, ready-to-wear clothing.   Available exclusively in home shows, Worth provides the ultimate convenience, privacy, and wardrobe-building service for the professional and personal needs of each Worth customer. W started as a smaller line sold next to Collection but it did so well they took it up a notch and launched an entire line of more reasonably priced items.  It is geared towards a younger crowd, but I have had great success with ages ranging from 25-85.  There are a lot of trendy pieces but most pieces are timeless and well made so that you can wear them for many years.    

CC:  How many times a year do you have trunk shows?  How many clients do you serve per trunk show, generally?

TB:  I have 4 shows a year–one per season and serve on average 30 clients per show.  I would love to grow the business to serve more clients.  Because I am the sole agent in Richmond, you can find something at the shows that is unique and not everyone else will have.    

CC:  What is the average price point of the W line?

TB:  The average price point is $175; however, we have pieces to fit anyones budget (pieces range from $40-$400). Everything is well made and many of the fabrics are the same that Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, etc. use but at more affordable prices!  Most of our looks come straight from the runway, but at a more reasonable price point.  

CC:  There are too many to choose just one.  I love the animal prints.  It’s a look that has popped back up time and time again.  I love that you can put it with any basic and you are ready for a night out.  We are also showing a lot of trenches that look fabulous paired with anything.  The romantic look is also in.  Our looks are stemming from Chanel, Cynthia Steffe, Nanette Lepore and many other more pricey designers.  

CC:  What do you love about your job?
TB:   I love being able to work with clients who don’t normally spoil themselves and buy nice clothing or those that don’t know exactly what it is that looks good on them.  I love putting something totally outside of the box on someone and seeing their face light up when they see how wonderful they look when they would never have tried it on themselves.  It is a no pressure environment and I just want people to come have fun and play with the clothes–if something works and they love it, then great.  If not, no big deal–it’s always fun just meeting new people and seeing familiar faces.  The best part is when someone walks out with something they love and they can’t wait to get it and wear it out!! 

Want to check out the clothes:  www.wbyworth.com

Interested in buying W by Worth?  Contact us at Cobblestone Couture and we will get you in touch with Tucker! 


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