Sonia Rykiel for H&M – The Debut and the Review!

Originally posted by Fashion Pulse Daily

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Just a few weeks ago I wrote about the Sonia Rykiel for H&M launch party and finally got to see (and purchase!) the collection in-person yesterday. Although there wasn’t the usual crowd that is anticipated for these launches, I was quite relieved to be surrounded by major fans of the designer at the 51st and 5th Avenue flagship this past Saturday, February 20th. Only Rykiel could get me to rise out of bed early the weekend after a rigorous fashion week, and I’m so glad to have been one of the first to meander around the store picking up the coveted items I had seen at the press preview/launch party. It was Rykiel at it’s best, with signature knitwear in stripes, inside-out seaming, bows, sequins, and bright colors. The most expensive items seemed to be priced around $50 – the striped dress (pictured above) and the looped cotton vest (below), but a lot of the sweaters were in the $30-$35 range – quite average for H&M prices. What sold the fastest? This hot pink and black striped bow sweater with a sweet scoopneck — I scavanged the dressing room racks and managed to pick up the last one in my size – score!

Picture 2

The childrens clothes were absolutely gorgeous, with most items priced at a very reasonable $10 each. The Sonia Rykiel dolls were $25, which would make a nice doll for a child, however the collection is hard to find — in New York it seemed that there were just a few H&M’s in the city carrying the collection, so I can immagine it may be difficult to find it elsewhere. When I walked out at 11am the dressing room lines were starting to swell, and the sizes were starting to have gaps in them — I give it a week before it’s completely gone, and highly recommend you making the trek to an H&M carrying the collection or scouring online for it — there’s already plenty of pieces up on ebay.  If you love fashion and appreciate good design at amazing prices,  take advantage of the iconic pieces Rykiel has become known for over her decades in fashion before they’re gone forever!

 Picture 3


-Julia DiNardo  


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