Summer Bags For Under $300

Ladies, we are back after a 2 week hiatus.  We apologize, but we took a well deserved vacation after a crazy few weeks at work.  We got a great email from one of our readers, Mary, asking us if we could help her with some ideas for summer bags for under $300.  Since we have a designated bag closet in our house, we thought this would be a no brainer assignment.  Then we started to do some research and realized how expensive purses are these days!  But, we still found some goodies, so enjoy!

Metallic Canvas Sac Bag, Halston Heritage, $175.  Available at Saks.

We don’t believe in carrying small bags because we carry our life in our purse.  This sac bag would be great for running to work or running errands.  Also, it will show off your killer summer tan.  It’s also available in suede and canvas in a variety of bright colors.

Fringe Hobo, Madewell, $198.  Available at Madewell stores.

We love this hobo because it combines two big spring/summer trends.  First is the grey color palette and second is fringe.  For those of you not familiar with Madewell,  it is owned by J. Crew and has fabulous and funky clothes.  The closest store to Richmond is Tyson’s Corner, unfortunately.  They also take phone orders.

Mojave Stud Slouchy Shoulder Bag, Tylie Malibu, $304.  Available at Neiman Marcus.

I know, shame on us, we went $4 over budget!  But, we love this purse.  Designer Lisa Izad is known for her exceptional leather bags.  We died when we saw the crinkled leather.  We tend to put away our black bags during the summer, but with rocker chic being so popular we advise that you don’t.  We also love the gold stud details.

Denim Canvas Bag, Kooba, $298.  Available at Cusp.

If you are looking for the Boho look, this is right up your alley.  Denim is everywhere right now and this is the way to carry it off with out over doing it.  Kooba also makes excellent bags that hold up for years to come.


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