This Is Why I Love Target

So, I’m a little tempted to not divulge this information to you all.  Mostly because I have not gotten in the car and driven like a bat out of hell to the nearest Target.  But, I suppose it’s my duty.  Cynthia Vincent’s amazing shoe line for has officially dropped in stores and it ROCKS.  It’s also less than $30! Her gladiator wedges make me want to weep because they look so similar to a pair of Loeffler Randalls that I am coveting.  Also, she has a wide arrange of flats in metallics and neutrals.  Cynthia Vincent did not disappoint and also through in a pair of woven multi-color flats and wedges that are very similar to her higher priced line.  So, run, don’t walk to the nearest Target.  Many of the items are sold out online but you can still find them at Richmond Target stores!

Gladiator Wedge, $29.99

Strappy Flats, $24.99

Ballet Flats, $24.99



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