Accessory Obsessions of the Moment

For those of you that know me, I have more shoes, bags and jewelry than can fit in my tiny little condo.  A few tricks to make it all work for me are:

1.) Rotating my clothes and accessories by season to my parents empty house…a perk of living in RVA!  The older they get, the less they notice!

2.) Separating clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry all into different rooms and closets. It makes it much easier to get ready!

3.) Spending money on built-ins where necessary, but Tupperware works great for organizing accessories too!

Ok, so enough of my tips, on to what I am lusting for right now. After yesterday’s heat wave, I’m dying for some summer accessories!

Tabitha Simmons Flats – I realize I’m very petite and should be wearing sky-high heels at all times, but I love a good flat in the summer, especially when I’m at the beach.  The detail on her shoes is in impeccable.  Tabitha is somewhat new to the shoe world, with a debut collection in 2009.  She works as a contributing editor at Vogue as well as a stylist for McQueen and Zac Posen.  Our friends in Charlotte, NC can pick them up at Capitol, but those of us in RVA can order them on online at

Iossellioni – Leave it to the ladies at Beanie and Cecil to introduce some show stopping new pieces for the summer season.  With the tribal influence in full effect, these are a MUST have.  I particularly am lusting over the earrings on the left hand side.  So, buy them and you will have to deal with my wrath!

NewbarK Small Snake Skin Pouch – Use this as a travel pouch or a clutch for going out.  The color palate is great for spring and summer and will look fabulous with white.  Available at Kirna Zabete.

Armand Diradourian Horoscope Scarf – Ever met me?  I am always cold!  The poor maintenance guy in my office has to hear about it everyday.  So, I wear a lot of layers and a lot of scarves.  I also like to pretend I’m Parisian and really not from Richmond, Va.  Too bad my french is horrible, but I can pull off the scarf and big sunglasses pretty well.  Check out this great scarf available at Barneys CO-OP.

Kara Ross Python Pyramid Cuff – There are really no words to describe how beautiful this is.  I mean, I’m speechless.  Can you imagine how great this will look with a tan…a spray tan of course, because I do not promote baking in the sun!  I love Kara Ross and have many of her pieces.  My buddy Hank Greenberg at Roan used to carry her things and I hope he will again soon.  In the meantime, you can buy direct from her website .


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