“Since its creation in 1945, the Carven fashion house has promoted a particularly democratic vision of fashion.  A woman who was free and unshackled by convention, Madame Carven entered the rarefied world of 1940’s haute couture as a complete novice, bringing with her a freshness and spontaneity of style that resembled the daily lives of women of the time. She was the first to offer accessible luxury and to capture the spirit of the moment through her simple and refined designs, inspired by Parisian chic where style took precedence over ostentation.” – Carven

You can leave it to the Paris fashion houses to never fail you.  Carven in particular, never disappoints and brings out a showstopper line season after season.  What I love even more, it’s affordable.  Well, reasonably affordable and can be found at Barneys or on net-a-porter.  I particularly love their asymmetrical dresses and cut-out pieces this season.  They make excellent blazers as well, that are a great staple for work.  Here are some of my favorites out at the moment.

Crepe Wool Jacket

Ruched Stretched – Jersey Dress

Boucle Cotton and Silk Dress


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