Am I A Yes Girl?

Well we’re about to see…

One of my best friends picked up Bethenny Frankel’s new book on one of her Target shopping frenzies.  Ever have those?  You walk through the aisle at Libbie and Broad and suddenly everything is in your basket and your receipt says $200!  Well, yes, that’s my friend Elyse, sorry to call you out, but she’s MAJORLY GUILTY.  I’ve done it before too, we all have.  They make everything so pretty in there!

So, ever watch Bravo and know about Bethenny?  Most people either hate her or love her.  I personally find her cynicism incredibly hysterical and I give her props for working her ass off and using reality TV to help elevate her Skinny Girl brand into a household name.  She also has the most adorable husband and child you’ve ever seen…they can’t be real!

Said friend, Elyse, decided to lend me this book.  Let’s just say I’m going through some life changes the past few months and everyday I seem to be thrown a new curve  ball.  So, why not read Bethenny’s “A Place of Yes” to see how corny it is and if there is some solid advice in it?  Is Bethenny Frankel really going to help me “get everything I want out of life”.  Most definitely not.  But, I do like to scatter in some arts, entertainment and home posts to round out the blog.  I will keep you posted on my progress of the book and give you a full report when it’s done!


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