Not Incredibly Surprising Statistics…

The New York Times published some not so surprising statistics today on the Cut Blog.  Susan Kauffman, Editor of People Stylewatch, presented results by her magazine of 2,000 women ages 18 to 49.  People asked these ladies a whole lot of boring questions about celebrities and how they affect the way they dress.  But, the BEST part of the whole study is that 48%, yes almost half of ALL women polled…wait for it…are more excited to buy jeans on sale then to  have sex.  Now, I’m currently lusting on these J Brand Super Skinnies in Red that just came out.  Yes, I have them in 5 other colors, but that is besides the point.  Because I MUST have them in red.  If I could get these ridiculously expensive jeans on sale would it be worth forgoing sex for a certain period of time.  I say HELLS YES.  Don’t judge me because all of you females reading would agree.

To read the full New York Times article click here


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