Happy Father’s Day!

In honor of the big day, I wanted to do a post.  Then I remembered this blog is all about Fashion and doing some golf tribute for my father would be très weird.  I did, however, come across this super duper cool chart on Mashable about how your dad’s music influences your music tastes.  And, I gotta say, Bob listened to some pretty great music back in the day and had a kick-ass record player and collection.  Today, not so much…he’s into this whole country phase, but whatever, it’s his day, I’ll leave him alone.  As a kid I distinctly remember Fleetwood Mac and Simon and Garfunkel being regulars on the record player.  Today, they are two of my favorite bands.  I still rock out to Stevie Nicks and can recite the words to “The Boxer”.  So, thanks Dad and Happy Father’s Day!

Photo Courtesy of Mashable


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