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Sponsorship / Advertising / Compensation

Cobblestone Couture is open to sponsorship with brands whom will be of interest to Cobblestone Couture as well as its readers. Cobblestone Couture has developed an affiliate program whereby fashion and lifestyle related companies sell products through affiliation links provided. In return Cobblestone Couture is paid a percentage of the sales price of sales originating from them. The affiliate program does not affect what I choose to cover in my editorial coverage. Please email me for more info on how we might collaborate.

Product Reviews

Cobblestone Couture participates in product reviews. It’s a great way to test out new products and introduce them to my readers. Anything sent to me to review will have a “c/o” next to it. If the product does not fit or work well with my style I can’t guarantee it will appear on the blog.


Cobblestone Couture does promote giveaways on a case by case basis.

Link Exchanges

Cobblestone Couture does not participate in link exchanges or sell any text links on the blog. All links are hand picked by me based on my interests and things I am currently loving.

Privacy Policy / Copyright

Cobblestone Couture will never sell or give anyones contact information inputted into this blog.


2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Courtney! Great blog! You are sooo well informed! I’m sure you’ve been to Heidi Story’s in Carey Town – but wanted to let you know she’s a SK from JMU – we graduated together back in 1992. She’s super fun and friendly and loves ‘da fashion!

    Good luck!
    Paula Polglase

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